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Starting a New Business?

Are you interested in being your own boss, or need help growing and understanding your business?

In the coming weeks, our Managing Partner, David Arbuckle, will be launching a series of online courses (via Zoom) to teach you how to:

1. start a business

2. run a business

3. grow a business

People often want to start a business as they have great knowledge and skills in their field of operation- they are great technicians.

However, not everyone will know what other functions are involved in setting up and running a business.

This uncertainty, coupled with self-doubt, can hold you back and delay you making your first step.

Running your own business can be extremely rewarding, and we want to help you achieve this sooner rather than later.

These courses will ensure you have the knowledge you need to successfully run your business, and achieve your goals.

If you are interested in further information and would like us to contact you when these courses are available, please email david@aglpartners.co.uk or DM our Facebook page with your contact details.